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My Bucket List

  1. Skydive
  2. Backpack in Europe
  3. Travel to Australia
  4. Study Abroad
  5. Find and Marry the love of my life
  6. Bungee Jump
  7. Jump off of a bridge into water
  8. Save Someone’s Life
  9. Get a Tattoo
  10. Visit the Rock and Roll Museum
  11. Scuba Dive/Snorkel
  12. Swim with the Sharks
  13. Graffiti Something
  14. Get a Boating License
  15. Finally Meet Bri
  16. Experience New Years in NYC
  17. Win over $100 in the lottery
  18. Go to Canada/Niagra Falls
  19. Surf in Hawaii
  20. Get something Published
  21. Take Bartending Classes
  22. Ski/Snowboard in Aspen
  23. Gamble in Las Vegas
  24. Go Parasailing
  25. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon
  26. Graduate College
  27. Buy a brand NEW car
  28. Meet a famous celebrity
  29. Visit the Grand Canyon
  30. Float in the Dead Sea
  31. Visit Mt. Rushmore
  32. Chase a Tornado
  33. Experience an Earthquake
  34. Ride a Motorcycle
  35. Fly in a Helicopter
  36. Be on TV
  37. Get my tongue stuck to a pole (a la A Christmas Story)
  38. Cover my entire house in Christmas Lights
  39. Drive at over 100mph
  40. Go ATVing in Mexico
  41. Front Row Tickets to a concert
  42. Win a Contest
  43. Acquire over 10,000 songs
  44. Go to SXSW
  45. Learn How to do Laundry
  46. Play a real game of golf
  47. Get a shoutout on the radio or Have my requested song played
  48. Be on the Titan Tron at a sporting event
  49. Ride every ride at an amusement park
  50. Try Sushi
  51. Go for a run in the pouring rain (20 min or more)
  52. Go on a cruise to the Bahamas
  53. Fly a Plane
  54. Fire a Shotgun/Pistol
  55. Drink till I puke
  56. Zip Line in Costa Rica (or anywhere really)
  57. Visit the Amazon Rainforest
  58. Swim with the Dolphins
  59. Stay Awake for a constant 24 hours
  60. Meet Someone from Tumblr
  61. Learn how to play guitar
  62. Dance my ass off!
  63. Cross Country Roadtrip
  64. Witness a Meteor Shower
  65. Cut down my own Christmas Tree
  66. Get a buzzcut
  67. Shave my head
  68. Register to Vote
  69. Move out of Maryland
  70. Fly First Class
  71. Skinny Dip
  72. Go White Water Rafting
  73. Climb a Mountain
  74. Be on a Newspaper Cover
  75. Sing Karaoke
  76. Do a challenge featured on Man v Food
  77. Ride the Trolley in san Francisco
  78. Go to a Ravens/Steelers game
  79. Have a star named after me
  80. Visit the Pyramids
  81. Help build a house for the poor
  82. Go Fishing on a Lake
  83. Visit Alaska
  84. Visit all 50 states
  85. Watch every episode of a tv show
  86. Get CPR Certification
  87. Go Camping
  88. Get Shocked(stun gun, dog collar)
  89. Do a Backflip
  90. Propose in an Extravengant/Romantic way
  91. See an old movie in theaters
  92. Buy a Wayne’s World Hat
  93. Go to Comic Con
  94. Go to E3
  95. Sit in a live studio audience
  96. Visit a Haunted House (and/or haunted carnival ride)
  97. Break a Law
  98. Learn how to Skateboard
  99. Drive a car worth over $100,000
  100. Eat an entire large pizza in one night
  101. Be in a Mosh Pit
  102. Drink an entire gallon of milk in one night
  103. Get a Promotion (in any job)
  104. Prepare a Thanksgiving Dinner
  105. Have kids
  106. Become a Grandparent
  107. Watch all 3 LOTR movies in one day
  108. See my top favorite bands live( if applicable)
  109. Watch Titanic
  110. Go Jetskiing
  111. Run a Marathon/Walk a thon for charity
  112. Get a Custom Fitted suit
  113. Be a Best Man
  114. Visit each Great Lake
  115. See the 7 wonders of the world
  116. Learn how to drive stick
  117. Ride a Mechanical Bull
  118. Read a book cover to cover(haven’t done it since HS)
  119. Lose my Virginity
  120. Ride in a Parade
  121. Be part of a Flash Mob
  122. Try Escargot
  123. Talk my way out of a ticket(if necessary)
  124. Go to a Rave
  125. Work on Black Friday
  126. Go to an ice Hotel
  127. Sleep in an Igloo
  128. Cliff Dive
  129. Take an Improv Class
  130. Go to Mardi Gras
  131. Donate Blood
  132. Finish at Carroll Community college
  133. Thank someone for not stabbing me
  134. Get Retweeted or replied to by a celebrity
  135. Meet Tori
  136. Fly on a Red Eye Flight
  137. Learn Archery
  138. Learn to Surf
  139. Watch the American Film Institute’s (AFI) 100 Funniest Movies.
  140. Watch the 10 greatest American movies of all time (as ranked by the AFI).
  141. Make a difference in at least one person’s life
  142. To be an extra in a film
  143. Go whale-watching
  144. Learn how to Ice Skate
  145. Go to a Shooting Range
  146. See the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

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